Planetoids [noun]

Definition of Planetoids:

earth' s satellite

Synonyms of Planetoids:

Opposite/Antonyms of Planetoids:


Sentence/Example of Planetoids:

The crops continued to grow on the tamed black dirt of the planetoid.

I had every executive on the planetoid jumping before I was through.

The next three levels have all been burned into the bowels of the planetoid.

Then he nudged the Nancy Bell sideways, pushing the bolt down into the planetoid.

The tugs would be able to find the planetoid by following the beeps.

We are nearing a planetoid, or, as some call them, an asteroid!

He knew he must return to the planetoid and somehow kill the opponent.

If we had encountered even a planetoid at that enormous rate, we would probably have been annihilated in white-hot death.

The rocket roared to life and Odal was hurtled free of the boulder, shot uncontrolled completely off the planetoid.

Ekstrohm would get back to the nearest Federation base and report the planetoid without death.