Planted [adjective]

Definition of Planted:


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Sentence/Example of Planted:

This morning she was arrested by the thought that the plot she had planted was hers.

She talked of corn, how it was planted and harvested, with what rites and festivals.

It is said the mulberry was first planted in England about 1609.

Mrs. McNeil rose, carried it outside the gate, and planted it by Buckskin's side.

In that case, he supposed he would eventually be planted alongside his father.

In that instant was planted the second germ of unhappiness in Hetty's bosom.

Why they were planted in churchyards it is difficult to ascertain.

She then planted the comb in my mop of hair and tore out a handful of it.

She carried a stick, which she planted firmly enough in the sand as she walked.

They will find him, planted in the mud at the bottom, head downward like a tulip.