Planter [adjective]

Definition of Planter:

made of timber

Synonyms of Planter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Planter:

Sentence/Example of Planter:

His torch will be at the threshold and his knife at the throat of the planter.

Every Southern planter may have his slave-household baptized.

Sir, every Southern planter is not more truly a slave-holder than Abraham.

God has thus given to the Southern planter an absolute monopoly.

The planter's life did not long satisfy him and finally he became a priest.

How can a planter sell the cotton which he has picked, when there are no buyers at the moment?

The first has to do with the raw cotton, as it goes from planter to mill.

That flight of fancy is flung off by the Planter simply as furnishin' 'atmosphere.'

As elsewhere the advances are supplied by the planter or some merchant.

The planter must decide for himself which of the two methods he will pursue.