Planting [verb]

Definition of Planting:

put in the ground for growing

Synonyms of Planting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Planting:

Sentence/Example of Planting:

We have no longer States that are necessarily only planting States.

Then there are full crops, and you realize a handsome profit on your planting.

We have bought the grass seed and are planting it in our garden.

The ceremony closed with the planting of a Virginia locust by the Doctor.

Till then it never would have struck me that I could say at all how planting must be done.

But may I ask, is the planting of trees a department in the art of husbandry?

And does this method of planting apply also to the fig-tree?

In planting, would you dig (what I may call) deep trenches in a dry soil or a moist?

Spring is better than summer or autumn for planting strawberries.

Their men were planting and could not talk to them, or tired and could not talk then.