Plaques [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plaques:

There was not even a book for her to replace, or a plaque to tuck away.

This plaque has furnished the simple yet sufficient title for this volume.

This plaque was stolen, I believe, while the other riches were gifts from King Montezuma.

Roger took the plaque and spread out the roll of parchment attached.

Yes, gentles and people, I commend this plaque to your careful attention.

Or better, come with the relic to Greenwich to-morrow at noon, and bring the plaque with you.

Then he stretched out a hand, and took the plaque from Peter.

"Then there is truth in this plaque," said the earl, showing some trace of excitement.

Good fellow, this plaque would interest his most noble Majesty.

He scrutinised the plaque with his head at various angles and glanced about him at his neighbours.