Plastered [adjective]

Definition of Plastered:


Opposite/Antonyms of Plastered:


Sentence/Example of Plastered:

Her hair had streamed loose and was plastered about her face, her throat, her arms.

Their clothes were plastered to their bodies and they looked shrunken.

His body is plastered all over with mud; he has nothing on but mud.

It deluged them with water, and plastered them with flying seaweed and ice.

We got wet, scratched, and plastered with mire all over our nether garments.

Thatch-roofed huts, with plastered walls, were all about him.

Between us we gave him a hot bath, salved and plastered him, and put him to bed.

Above these four feet, logs were built up, plastered together with mud.

His cuts had been plastered up and he felt quite like himself again.

The matter was too terrible to be plastered over in that way, or in any way.