Plastron [noun]

Definition of Plastron:

structure; covering

Synonyms of Plastron:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plastron:

Sentence/Example of Plastron:

The carapace and plastron are usually connected by a "bridge" of bone.

The plastron is joined to the carapace by the sutures of the bridge.

The reptile, aware of danger, had retired between its carapace and plastron.

The use of a species of corslet, (plastron,) to prevent future pressure on the abdomen.

I had myself a great silver bowl, with two goblets, and a plastron of Spanish steel.

Accordingly an acceptance was sent, and as a reward of that heroism Usselex had brought her a plastron of opals.

Both of these impressions are made apparently by the plastron of the turtle.

The plastron is attached to the carapace by ligamentous tissue.

That came from the curb-bit and bridle hanging on the wall, or perhaps from the plastron, foils, and gauntlets over the mantle.

Epiplastron, ep-i-plas′tron, n. the anterior lateral one of the nine pieces of which the plastron of a turtle may consist.