Plateaux [noun]

Definition of Plateaux:

level; flat, often high, land

Synonyms of Plateaux:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plateaux:


Sentence/Example of Plateaux:

We drive on for a mile or two till we reach the summit of the plateau.

The drive from Mende to the plateau of Sauveterre is a curious experience.

On the Dana plateau, for example, by the expenditure of 32 hours of labour 48 cwt.

The third is found at the point called the Plateau of Hyena.

I saw, too, that plateau on the other side, of which I had heard; later I explored it.

The Germans occupied the plateau which extends from Neufchteau to Paliseul.

It was more than likely that the enemy would not long delay to attack the plateau in force.

At the six-foot wall that surrounded this plateau he paused.

Before him stretched the plateau leading to the convergence of the river and the cliff.

He had run across the plateau; now the nailed boots were ringing on rock.