Plates [noun]

Definition of Plates:

dish or meal served

Synonyms of Plates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plates:


Sentence/Example of Plates:

The boys looked at one another, then looked down at their plates.

You may either roll them up, or lay them flat on the plates.

As venison chills immediately, the plates should be kept on heaters.

He looked with surprise at the plates which she placed upon the deal table.

She stared sternly at the row of faces bent over their plates.

Only the powder-magazines were armour-plated, but the plates used were of the strongest kind.

And he had executed an exchange of plates under Cornelia's deprecating eyes.

I could see the buckles of the men's plates and the powder charges in their bandoliers.

Here, pile these plates on trays and we'll load 'em in the small boat.

The mystery of the schooner was overlooked in a sight of the plates and victuals.