Platforms [noun]

Definition of Platforms:

stand or stage

Synonyms of Platforms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Platforms:


Sentence/Example of Platforms:

The greetings of friends on the platforms at the different stations only made him sigh.

The other platforms were occasionally dropping them: I had been too hasty, too prodigal.

The concrete was shoveled from the platforms to place and rammed.

The tower had two platforms, one at the top carrying two 10-cu.

In 1876 the topic had been more prominent in the platforms, but not in the canvass.

Venerable figure-heads, what would our platforms be without you?

The sick are taken from the cars and walked up and down the platforms.

At one end of the grounds there were three long rows of platforms.

Platforms had been erected and seats sold for fabulous prices.

The houses were raised on platforms, with steps leading to them some height from the ground.