Platitudes [noun]

Definition of Platitudes:

dull, overused saying

Opposite/Antonyms of Platitudes:

Sentence/Example of Platitudes:

We should weary our readers with a detail of the platitudes which ensued.

Of course the conversation in Platitudes must be connected and coherent.

These are the platitudes and falsehoods in which history is disguised.

The platitudes in which he lives, and moves, and has his being have no foundation in fact.

These dicta are all tried and true, but they have the failings common to platitudes.

It was while Jones was airing these platitudes that Paliser entered the room.

Had he come down to Fairholme to listen to the platitudes of virtuous love?

In the past it has been an armory of platitudes or a forecast of punishments.

Emma found again in adultery all the platitudes of marriage.

For, as has been well said, "There is no copyright in platitudes."