Platonic [adjective]

Definition of Platonic:

expressing nonphysical love

Synonyms of Platonic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Platonic:

Sentence/Example of Platonic:

His philosophy was Platonic, or rather the bent of his mind was Platonic.

The Menexenus has more the character of a rhetorical exercise than any other of the Platonic works.

There is a twofold difficulty in apprehending this aspect of the Platonic writings.

And there he would sing to Dulcinea, his platonic and only love.

The style and plan of the Timaeus differ greatly from that of any other of the Platonic dialogues.

(a) The Timaeus is more imaginative and less scientific than any other of the Platonic dialogues.

The Platonic doctrine of reminiscence is then adduced as a confirmation of the pre-existence of the soul.

No arrangement of the Platonic dialogues can be strictly chronological.

In some respects the dialogue differs from any other Platonic composition.

Yet the ideal glory of the Platonic philosophy is not extinguished.