Platoon [noun]

Definition of Platoon:

group of military people

Synonyms of Platoon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Platoon:

Sentence/Example of Platoon:

They carry portable telephones with which they can communicate with their platoon.

Fannia stopped and watched as a platoon of natives advanced on them.

The designation "So-and-so's" squad or platoon may also be used.

The platoon experiment was illuminating in several respects.

They were suspended by cords from a gibbet, to be fired at by a platoon of soldiers.

Neither of them had ever served except as the officer of a platoon.

He soon discovered his lieutenant riding at the head of his platoon.

His platoon officer reported that fact as characteristic and admirable.

As he had striven for his class of boys, so now was he striving for his platoon of men.

This Platoon emerged with a very small percentage of casualties.