Plats [noun]

Definition of Plats:

piece of property

Synonyms of Plats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plats:

Sentence/Example of Plats:

How many of the names on the county clerk's plat will be there in fifty years?

"This is plat of bottom level, and we're a mile underground," continued Mark.

Then Ill prepare a plat of the place and send it on to headquarters.

We can plat it, and within ten days we may have ouah money back.

Alice and I showed Trescott, on a plat, the place for his new home.

In MS. G, "with money siches and deip grones, he plat doun."

How many feet of fence will be required to enclose this plat?

The first plat, however, recorded was by the father of Elias Doty.

"Persian and plat carpeting" was offered for sale in 1761 by H. Van Vleck.

Page 167: Si Dieu plat was misprinted as plit; changed here.