Plaudits [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plaudits:

He concluded in an uproar of plaudits from both sides of the House.

The plaudits of the boys and girls were warm and whole-hearted.

I wish, though, he hadn't acknowledged my plaudits by bowing to me.

Of course the answer was a shower of plaudits upon the king.

Does it become a gentleman of my standing to fish for their plaudits?

The plaudits of the world sought not, but scorned its praise and pelf.

Does he not know this rivalry and hear the plaudits that surround the name of Saratoga?

What Olympic delight elated our hearts when the plaudits of thousands greeted us!

And he kissed her on both cheeks, amid the plaudits of the guests.

Never have the hands of a Christian done thee honor with plaudits.