Playgrounds [noun]

Definition of Playgrounds:

recreation area

Synonyms of Playgrounds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Playgrounds:


Sentence/Example of Playgrounds:

It was now that Globson, Bully no more, sought me out in the playground.

If large enough it should include tennis courts and a playground.

He may look over the wall and see our playground: who knows?

He knew how to play as well as to study, and his laugh on the playground was as merry as any.

The Poor Boy is off to his playground, and it's time you got ready for your walk.

And the playground and the play-hour are not enough for a play of that kind.

He had long since become too valuable in the playground to be left to follow his own devices.

"I wonder how it is there is so little noise from the playground here," said Hugh.

What emotions have you observed on the playground that needed restraint?

The historical school was a playground of traps and pitfalls.