Playthings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Playthings:

Of course, you know, a man doesn't tell everyone that he's got a plaything of that sort.

She'd been treated like a plaything afore he got her and he treated her that way till he died.

Or if it touches it mustn't be rough, for its plaything will break so easily.

He had yearned for it, as a child might yearn for a plaything.

She is my doll, my baby, my plaything—the creature that keeps me human.

And I will not be the plaything of a moment, to be cast aside the next.

The baby is not a toy or a plaything, but a great responsibility.

The child she had left had been his dear plaything, his consolation.

If Charles had a plaything, Katy wanted it, and would cry till she got it.

You're nine feet tall and the world's your plaything, when you're up on dream dust.