Pleading [adjective]

Definition of Pleading:


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Sentence/Example of Pleading:

"I want to go," she said at last, in answer to her hostess' pleading.

The man met her pleading eyes steadily, and shook his head in refusal.

And, after all, what good could he do his cause by pleading it?

My letters of pleading, like my calls and telephone efforts, were still ignored.

And all that time Leonora was defending her rival, and pleading her cause!

Lady Coryston had gone to bed, seeing no one, and pleading headache.

The sound of a voice, low, earnest and pleading, now and then reached his ear.

The thought is essentially that of mediation—one pleading for another.

I could not drive the vision away—the lovely, pleading face, the penitence.

He had followed her and was standing before her, pleading with her, but she would not look at him.