Pleadings [noun]

Definition of Pleadings:

effort to convince; presentation of support

Synonyms of Pleadings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pleadings:


Sentence/Example of Pleadings:

Her cries and pleadings were being smothered down on his breast.

After delays, excuses, pleadings, Julie's father lost patience.

How faint were the pleadings of duty against such arguments!

Her heart is more responsive to the pleadings of divine love.

Never in my life have I listened to the pleadings of an opponent with deeper anxiety.

He put aside her struggles, her pleadings, as if they were thistle-down.

He could not shrink from a duty so demanding—wringing his very heart with its pleadings!

Her hand must be taught to heed the pleadings of her pitying heart.

He was her legal guardian and he would listen to no pleadings.

But always there was the same answer to her pleadings to go home.