Pleads [verb]

Definition of Pleads:

beg, request

Synonyms of Pleads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pleads:

Sentence/Example of Pleads:

It is not for Aspasia, the gifted daughter of Axiochus, that I plead.

Will their successors falter and plead organic impotency in the nation?

So expect not any advocateship from me: I will not plead for you; and that's enough.

But what then can I plead for a palliation to myself of my mother's sufferings on my account?

They tried to make her plead 'Not guilty,' but she wouldn't lie about it, she said.

But Pierre, distressed and quivering, again began to plead his cause.

Passion, and passion only, can plead a just excuse of its own excesses.

I plead not for the state from any great liking to it myself.

Women were allowed to plead for themselves in the courts of law.

Plead the promises of God even where you do not see how they are to be fulfilled.