Pleasantly [adverb]

Definition of Pleasantly:


Synonyms of Pleasantly:

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Sentence/Example of Pleasantly:

She only pleasantly remembered him; he never forgot her till his death.

He pleasantly promises the ignominious death of your chief friends.

An instant his superb eye resented, but then he pleasantly did my bidding.

After she had accepted the care of him, and that so pleasantly, he wasn't satisfied!

The thin, old voice tinkled on pleasantly in the Talentless One's ears.

Eve, who was amused with Mr. Truck's modes of speech, pleasantly inquired.

She was pleasantly excited by the idea of a walk all alone with Roland.

Elizabeth gave it to me; and I must say she gave it very kindly and pleasantly.

But if so, the tyrant will live most unpleasantly, and the king most pleasantly?

Conversation turned, pleasantly or seriously, on Germany, Italy and France.