Pleasingly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Pleasingly:

Business was good in the city, and his was pleasingly above the average.

The "human touch" is pleasingly apparent throughout the book.

He loved his small talk; and never since then has talk been so pleasingly small.

The sergeant, pleasingly warmed to the core of his being, was not to be daunted.

And she could feel that on this occasion she had been pleasingly and successfully undisturbed.

Horace notes a kindred manifestation of this tendency (to which he himself is pleasingly addicted), in Ep.

The taste is good beyond words, and the consistency is pleasingly "chewy" without being tenacious to the point of teeth pulling!

It is green in color and pleasingly pungent in flavor, and lends itself in many ways to the use of the candy-maker.

An astonishingly young, pleasingly plumpish woman, with nothing remarkable about her except a certain splendid calm.

In composition he wields, as usual, a graceful pencil, and his children are pleasingly and naturally drawn.