Pleasured [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Pleasured:

His body was what the dead man had most prized and pleasured, For in wombe was in god, Frag.

M. Valbonais has come, glancing up to see if it pleasured her young lady.

Grant pleasured himself by reviewing his case in the most pessimistic light.

He differed so from other men that her mind was pleasured with the thought he had descended from a larger sphere.

He was a slow-witted man, and he could devise no ready answer, no such cutting gibe as it would have pleasured him to administer.

Moreover had We pleasured We had certainly raised up a warner in every city.

Full of dumb pain we pleasured our centuries with anticipation; we watched as we gamed away the hours.

Graham asked, the while he pleasured in looking straight into the blue eyes that looked so straight into his.

Despite the hurt to his self-esteem of every moment spent with her, he pleasured in every such moment.