Pleasures [noun]

Definition of Pleasures:

delight, happiness

Synonyms of Pleasures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pleasures:

Sentence/Example of Pleasures:

Considered as a form of self-sacrifice, it was not without its pleasures.

Our pleasures are but the stolen moments we can snatch from its inattention.

As a nation, our people are pampering themselves and living for their own pleasures.

And it was the greatest of pleasures to smile at each other every morning and evening.

The pleasures of the table were all that seemed left to me in life.

So true it is, that all our pleasures must be earned, before they can be enjoyed.

That the pleasures of the mighty are not obtained by the tears of the poor.

The mice, he avers, enjoyed the pleasures of the chase with composure.

What riches, or honours, or pleasures, can make us amends for the loss of innocence?

For my part, I propose quite other pleasures with my dear partner.