Pleasuring [verb]

Definition of Pleasuring:


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Sentence/Example of Pleasuring:

Darkness was coming on, and for a while he played about among the trees, pleasuring in his freedom.

He is off pleasuring, and the other is here planning and toiling.

I shall look after her clothes, education, pleasuring, as if she were my own child.

Come, mama; you don't grudge them a day's pleasuring, I'm sure.

Their pleasuring is on so large a scale that you cannot make it fit your times or necessities.

No; you think I have been pleasuring, but it was good honest business, I assure you.

The good stayers were on ahead, but weary maybe, it being late for pleasuring.

Graham queried, pleasuring in the sight of her graceful abandon.

She waited with a quiet smile, pleasuring in his unruly impetuousness.

Alice Merivale was away, pleasuring in England, the Hartmanns!