Pleats [noun]

Definition of Pleats:


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Sentence/Example of Pleats:

Mrs Denton lifted the corner of her apron, and began to pleat it.

Take a short length of ribbon and pleat it once through the center.

This is made by turning the first pleat to the left and the next to the right.

And she did hope that pleat from the neck would look all right.

Having sloped off the lower corners of these parts, pleat them, and join them with the foundation.

Mistress Gundy patted the pleat of her lips every moment or two, maybe enjoying a silent burp.

“I did, but I forgot,” explained Dot, trying to fold over a pleat so that the vivid streaks of green paint would not show.

Rory rubbed the sweat from his drenched palm on the pleat of his kilt, and caught the basket-hand tighter.

After each successive stroke press the pleat under the thumb of the left hand.

Pleat about half of the fresh under sheet lengthwise, and place close to the soiled sheets.