Plebeians [noun]

Definition of Plebeians:

person of lower class

Synonyms of Plebeians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plebeians:

Sentence/Example of Plebeians:

The Guelphs were restored to power and the plebeians and trades deposed.

They were chosen promiscuously from the Patricians and Plebeians.

You have named one party, that of the nobility, the other that of the plebeians.

The remaining portion of the population were called Plebeians.

The former were called the Plebeians, the latter the Patricians.

It was embraced by the noblest citizens—it was forbidden to the plebeians.

None of your raileries, Tarleton, or I shall speak to you of plebeians and the canaille!

True, those men were chiefs and nobles; but are plebeians less human?

Did they ever elevate a plebeian if he sympathized with plebeians?

Manlius in reality fell a victim to his sympathies with the Plebeians.