Plebiscite [noun]

Definition of Plebiscite:

voting; recording of vote

Synonyms of Plebiscite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plebiscite:


Sentence/Example of Plebiscite:

When there's no time for a plebiscite, there's always time for a pistol.'

Sure enough, there came the émeute of the plebiscite, as he had predicted, but it was suppressed.

The formality of a plebiscite was accomplished by November 21.

Is there a single intelligent Liberal who is not against that plebiscite?

Let the emeute be within, say a week, after the vote of the plebiscite is taken.

No plebiscite of the nation had endowed him with kingly power.

Aristocracy was in his blood, and he would not stoop to conquer by a plebiscite.

The first of these was the result of the Silesian plebiscite held in March 1921.

I should think France would be taking no risks in such a plebiscite.

At the plebiscite there were 133,681 votes for union and 1507 against it.