Pledged [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pledged:

But he did so without hesitation; for he loved his country, and had pledged his life to her service.

He's pledged to find you on the quay, and he will—unless some one makes him drunk.

If our cause be just—and we know it is— His omnipotence is pledged to its triumph.

The hand of Evelyn Cameron was pledged to him, the wedding-day was fixed.

Fade at the Persian's foot, You that, our patrons were pledged, should never adorn a slave!

After they had pledged each other, all three returned to Liu Wendsing.

He had pledged himself so faithfully not to outstay the first attack!

Still, he was pledged to the search, and he would go through with it.

I am pledged to make the hunt—not only for the mine but for the man who killed my father.

Its members are pledged to the keeping of a fivefold obligation.