Pliers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pliers:

Also remove any roughness on surface "B" caused by pliers when cover was removed.

When dry remove the thread with scissors and the wires by a slight twist with pliers.

The same result may be brought about by the use of a pair of pliers.

The pliers struck the blackness and rebounded as if they had hit a rubber wall.

Go get from the barn the pliers, the hand-tool that pinches.

You couldn't pull a cotter pin with a pair of pliers if you knew what a cotter pin was.

Look where pliers have been used to cut the wire connections.

Jordan and one of his men followed suit with pliers from the motor kit.

A pair of pliers can be used to advantage in picking up the hot solder.

Tom was soon busy with wrenches, hammers, pliers and screw-driver.