Plights [noun]

Definition of Plights:

dilemma, difficulty; situation

Synonyms of Plights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plights:

Sentence/Example of Plights:

He had one hand still upon her arm, and he was laughing openly at her plight.

You see me in the plight in which I came out of the packet within this half-hour.

At these words I became eloquent, as young madmen in my plight do.

It was horrible to plead to him but the panic of her plight drove her on.

In this plight I came upon him, and challenged him to stand and face me.

The heat of the moment being spent, he had leisure to contemplate his plight.

Such was the plight in which each and all tried to seek repose.

And is not the half-baked designer in as sorry a plight as the half-baked artist of any kind?

His own estimate of his plight was impregnated with despair.

This would leave the girl in as bad a plight as that from which he had just rescued her.