Plodded [verb]

Definition of Plodded:

walk heavily

Synonyms of Plodded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plodded:

Sentence/Example of Plodded:

And Caleb plodded up the stairs after her with his head down, amazed and sorrowful.

And again Caleb turned away, and plodded soberly off to young Nat's.

The brother only sighed again, as he plodded dreamily along, 'Hah!

She plodded blindly back to the laundry, scarcely knowing where she was going.

They landed at the little wharf and plodded through the heavy sand.

Reid had not returned when Mackenzie plodded into camp at dusk.

That fact had its effect on Wisbech as he plodded painfully along the ties.

Nasmyth turned without 277 a word and plodded back to the shanty.

They talked of many things as they plodded along the sandy beach.

However, he plodded on doggedly, an incarnation of vengeance and hate.