Plods [verb]

Definition of Plods:

walk heavily

Synonyms of Plods:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plods:

Sentence/Example of Plods:

What was there left but the weary plod, plod, and dust of years?

It was almost nowhere possible to trot, and we had to plod on, step by step.

There was nothing for it but to plod along, for there were no houses on that road.

Jack might plod along all his life and never have a dollar ahead.

All they could do was to plod on and drag their horses after them.

I will plod for hours and hours at a time, and at every turn I am handicapped.

They watched the squad in blue, now afoot, plod on down the road.

There were muddy roads to plod through and treacherous sloughs to cross.

Travellers have to plod through the wilderness as they best can.

His wife, he declared, should ride to her home like a queen, not plod like a peasant.