Plop [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Plop:

Now and again one heard the swish and the "plop" of gas-shells.

I took hold of the line, and then, “plop,” as the poet said.

The great drops that fell from them, plop—plop, was like tears.

They could hear behind them the plop and tinkle of more globes.

I passed between the tents, and was striding along, when—Plop!

Neither the mud nor the white mortar in these craters overflow, but bubble, sputter, and plop year after year.

It fell as they watched, and the "plop" of the soft body upon the floor sounded loud in the silent room.

Plop followed plop, as the big fellows rose, snatched at their food, and vanished into the depths.

If you as much as put your hoof over on that track he's fighting you about, he'll plop you in jail, that's what he'll do!

Carefully poising the ball, Bunny booted it up and across the field, till it spun down with a plop into Bi's arms.