Plopped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Plopped:

Then like a mass of jelly out of its mould I plopped onto my chair.

The Prime Minister managed to get one and plopped into it heavily.

The fire yawned audibly, and plopped a coal into the stillness.

Carefully, Shandor plopped the receiver down on its hook, his hands like ice.

All plopped down on the great sofa in the big salon, like a row of dolls.

Leoh plopped down in the nearest chair and ran a hand across his fleshy face.

Hector ducked in through the doorway and plopped his rangy frame on the office's couch.

All the rest of that day they plopped sadly after her, only to be received with pecks whenever they came too near.

They certainly caused magnificent twin geysers as they plopped into the gean, but never once did any damage materialize.

I might go trailing my luck some other-where, if I did the first fool thing that plopped into my nut.