Plotters [noun]

Definition of Plotters:

person(s) involved in legal action

Synonyms of Plotters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plotters:


Sentence/Example of Plotters:

I am the ruler of a conquered land, a lover of war and danger, a fighter and a plotter.

Evidently he had been right and had taken the plotter quite unaware.

Some called him a traitor, others an incompetent, others a plotter.

"You see I am right," went on the plotter with an evil smile.

He had the guile of a plotter, but lacked something of the self-control.

I never imagined you were such a plotter, complimented Jerry.

He has been the plotter of all this; he is your enginer, I hear.

The one who planned this visit to Spain was the plotter Mendoza.

It was the plotter, Enrique Enrquez who suggested this piece of idiocy.

In return, the plotter handed over the notes and the order on her jewelry.