Plowed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Plowed:

But the man had been only stunned by a bullet that plowed its way across the top of his skull.

It is now and then stated that the metae between strips have been plowed up.

They were then passing a plowed field that was completely covered with knapsacks.

They plowed through a great billow of sand at the end of the engine house.

For the nursery the ground should be plowed deep and thoroughly pulverized.

He plowed steadily and sullenly all the forenoon, in the terrific heat and dust.

It plowed through the solid rock, and up—into a burst of light.

This is all right; it should never be mixed with lime, and it should be plowed in.

Peruvian guano, plowed in and followed by clover, worth more than the guano cost.

In this case the guano was plowed in about four inches deep.