Plows [verb]

Definition of Plows:

dig up ground for cultivation

Synonyms of Plows:

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Sentence/Example of Plows:

He said he had got to go up to Joe Charnick's to get his plow.

This was something of which the yokels, or men of the plow, often complained.

The deep roots of the clover penetrated the soil, that no plow ever touched.

I have put my hand to the plow, and it shall not be withdrawn.

But he had his wakeness same as a common man, and it was the Plow Inn at Ramsey.

You are too good a horse to drag the plow on this poor little farm.

They also made her plow, the same as any of the men on the plantation.

His mission was considered to be as purely mechanical as that of the ox which pulls the plow.

Said it made him sick to see a gal like that a-staggerin' after a plow.

The plow was taken down the river in a canoe, while the oxen were driven by land.