Ploy [noun]

Definition of Ploy:

game, trick

Synonyms of Ploy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ploy:


Sentence/Example of Ploy:

There is a misprint of 'employ' in Thomas Davies' edition, as before.

If I was a stone or two lighter, and had one to look after the shop, it's off on this ploy I would be too.

He put the question roughly, for nobody likes to lose a ploy.

There were more again who could never bear to be absent from any ploy: Pepa Frias, Lola, and a few more.

The night before they touched at Naples Marcella and Louis arranged what she called a "ploy."

Thoost aye right ready for a ploy, said his wife, a deal better than honest work.

You come up the morn's nicht at eight, afore the post comes, and ye'll see the ploy when she gets her valenteen.

I give you the old word, Elrigmore: 'Claymore and the Gael '; for the rest—pardon me—you gentlemen are out of the ploy.

Na, na—his Excellency ken'd nought o' that ploy—it was a' managed atween Rashleigh and mysell.

I don't think he went on to describe any—it was mostly a ploy on my part to curry him or make him feel more at ease.