Plucked [verb]

Definition of Plucked:

grab, pull out; pick at

Synonyms of Plucked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plucked:

Sentence/Example of Plucked:

He plucked the police whistle from his waistcoat-pocket, and raised it to his lips.

It is most like a plucked pullet which has died of the spotted fever.

You have also a right eye that I would have plucked out if I were in your place.

Fill your salad bowl with the crisp leaves, from which the flowerhead has been plucked.

Half strangled, he plucked the cigar from his mouth and stamped on it.

Or a pigeon-pie, perhaps, for the New Yorker is made to be plucked.

I was in the act of following him into the room, when Reuben plucked at my sleeve to detain me.

He plucked up his spirits, and followed it into the workshop of the Golden Key.

Then he wandered about the park and plucked at leaves and twigs.

But he plucked up courage and added swiftly: 'I'll go with you, uncle.