Plume [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Plume:

We are ashamed to own we are jealous, and yet we plume ourselves in having been and being able to be so.

She had not a sail aloft nor a plume of smoke in her funnel.

And you, Hermogenes, on what do you plume yourself most highly?

He wears a plume on his head, and does nothing but dance in the sunshine.

In fighting jacket and plume Jeb Stuart came into the light.

It was a plume of feathers waving above the bushes close to the pool.

They curl, upwards from the root, downwards to the point, and form a plume.

Dick knew the Indian by that plume of which he had heard so much.

The yellow block of the distilleries under their plume of steam.

The name is French for this kind of embroidery, and is derived from plume, French for feather.