Plump [adjective]

Definition of Plump:

chubby, fat

Synonyms of Plump:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plump:

Sentence/Example of Plump:

Her hair, which hung about her plump shoulders, was a lovely golden brown.

It was a plump hand, with deep dimples and firm, short fingers.

She looked healthy, spoke kindly; her hands were plump and her fingers long.

Montigny had been an actor, and was plump and good-humoured.

As soon as I judged her safe in bed, I dropped the rat with a plump.

He was a small, plump man and his face was always red and perspiring.

The plump, dark woman who had opened the door smiled and retreated.

However, she was nearly as tall as Silvere, plump and full of life.

Her fresh, plump, white form displayed the most delicate softness of tint.

And the girl stooped and patted the pig's plump belly, saying: 'Eh!