Plundered [verb]

Definition of Plundered:

ravage, steal

Synonyms of Plundered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plundered:







Sentence/Example of Plundered:

That we should be plundered, every one expected; and it was quite likely we might be ill-treated.

Henry tartly replied, "I had rather be plundered by my enemies than by my friends."

Marlborough and Alexander plundered countries; they were great men.

Those who could be plundered no longer, were sent to execution.

They made no fight; and an hour afterward the town had been plundered and burnt.

The Musée Cluny was very near my hotel and I saw it plundered.

The hive is to be plundered and as many prisoners taken as possible.

Let us quote one solitary example of the way in which Poor Jack is plundered.

He was thrown into a dungeon, was plundered of everything, and loaded with irons.

The hut of Allright attacked by them; plundered of every thing it had in it.