Plunderer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plunderer:

Well, well, I fear not for my child, she has no wealth to tempt a plunderer.

The Turk has always been a plunderer and has cursed everything he touched.

In 1013 Svend appeared no longer as a plunderer but as a conqueror.

Plunderer and plundered stare at each other for a moment; and that is all.

She also had $36 in silver, which the plunderer of the body did not get.

And being within the Union lines no plunderer had dared to touch it.

A very small time after our plunderer met with an old shepherd, who had sold a good parcel of sheep.

The great-coat took the plunderer's fancy; he took it down off the peg, and there stood Carter before him!

There is true political economy shaking hands with the plunderer of the Saxon!

The unregenerate Teuton was a pirate and a plunderer; the settled Saxon became an oversea trader and trafficker.