Plundering [verb]

Definition of Plundering:

ravage, steal

Synonyms of Plundering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plundering:







Sentence/Example of Plundering:

They were robbing him, the zouaves and chasseurs were plundering his house.

There should be no plundering, no irregularity, no disregard of general orders.

No tale of modern corruption can surpass the record of their plundering of a nation.

"The plundering was shameful," says Lieutenant Barker indignantly.

They should have wasted no time in killing tradesmen and plundering their shops.

"You trot along out of this plundering mess," ordered the courier.

Everything showed that they came for the purpose of feasting and not for plundering.

One year he is making a raid into Macedonia and Thessaly and plundering Larissa.

No, but we should be encouraging the Baggara to go on plundering if we ate these things.

They are wandering about harassing villages, plundering, and making slaves.