Plunders [noun]

Definition of Plunders:

something stolen

Synonyms of Plunders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plunders:


Sentence/Example of Plunders:

And she, in her turn, let loose her plunders upon our commerce.

Ceallachan, king of Cashel, plunders monastery of Clonfert, 243.

Tomrar, plunders monastery of Clonfert and kills some of the monks, 242, 243.

And he who prays and plunders is less a saint than he who does neither.

But among other plunders of the imagination, they are going to rob us of the unicorn.

She plunders men of their money, of their liberty, of their character.

It plunders the workers of the wealth they make, and then flings back at them a thousandth part of their own product as 'charity.'

A musty and limited pedant yellows himself a little among rolls and records, plunders a few libraries, and, lo!

The churchmen argued: "If he plunders the monasteries, will not his next step be to plunder the churches?"

Abu Taher, the Carmathian leader, plunders Mecca and massacres the pilgrims.