Plunger [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plunger:

Stick it in his arm, push the plunger, pull it out; and wait for him to die.

He'll remember the fellow they called 'the plunger,' and 'the dead-game sport.'

The plunger is loaded with a spiral spring, and has a ball valve, as shown.

In this form of grenade a safety pin holds the plunger from the cap.

"And the little soft has nibbled at Plunger's bait," laughed Stanley.

He was as anxious to introduce himself to the porter as Plunger could have been.

They were not aware that Plunger knew all that had transpired at the meeting.

"The other lunatic's going it now," Plunger muttered to himself.

Plunger nodded, marvelling at the accuracy of the brethren's information.

You would fancy there was nobody else but Plunger in existence.