Plunk [verb]

Definition of Plunk:

throw down

Synonyms of Plunk:







Opposite/Antonyms of Plunk:


Sentence/Example of Plunk:

His counsel was quickly taken, and then there was a plunk as he sprang into the creek.

A blue-eyed feller with a mustache, but he gave me a plunk not to tell.

“Let them,” said Pearl, sending the anchor with a plunk into the sea.

He could hear the soft plunk, plunk of her rubber heels on the marble steps.

And there's twenty thousand Boers plunk in the middle, ain't they?

And no sooner had his bulk padded the stone beneath than Ted came, plunk!

Stones always make that kind of plunk when they drop into the water from above.

If they are near water, as they usually are—they "plunk" into it.

Ive seen him plunk some critters an he plunked them in great style.

He had hit Pete Connegan plunk on the head with a rotten tomato.