Plural [adjective]

Definition of Plural:

more than one

Synonyms of Plural:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plural:


Sentence/Example of Plural:

Obulus, (plural Oboli)—A small coin, about the value of a penny.

Mina, (plural Minæ)—Four pounds, three shillings, four pence.

It existed but in two, and in one of these there was a plural executive.

The plural vexed Temple, and he told himself how unreasonable the vexation was.

I do that because it is so much more plural than the plural in this case.

Her use of the plural lost none of its charm by familiarity.

Again, in every predication there is an attribution of singular or plural.

The numbers of nouns here spoken of are two only; the singular and the plural.

It is to myself rather, if I may be included in your plural "we," that I should apply the remark.

I mean that you in the plural, for there have been a good many of you.