Plurality [noun]

Definition of Plurality:

large part of a group

Synonyms of Plurality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plurality:

Sentence/Example of Plurality:

That they had any distinct notions of a plurality of husbands or wives, I do not believe.

They have thought that the elements of plurality and unity have not been duly adjusted.

Most of these patents also disclose a plurality of elements or acts.

Art establishes itself on a plurality of levels of interaction.

That a plurality of worlds does not contradict any principle of reason or faith.

He is also very handsome, and so makes up for the plurality of the title.

Mr. Stanton of Tennessee offered this "plurality resolution."

In 1891 he was nominated for Governor of Ohio, and was elected by a plurality of 21,500.

He was re-elected in 1893 by a plurality of more than 80,000.

He tried to control their acceptance of benefices in plurality.